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Deputy Council Youth Commissioner (Growth and Retention)

Accountable to:      Council Youth Commissioner and Key 3

Term:                       One year renewable up to a maximum of three years by the Council Key 3.

Time required:        15 to 20 hours per month.

Scope of Position:    The DCYC Growth and Retention is the recognized point of contact on membership growth and volunteer support for council members.

Key focus areas:

  • Develop and lead the membership growth strategy and implementation plans within the Council and see that Growth initiatives are actively supported and implemented within the Areas.
  • Lead and champion the Volunteer Ready requirements for volunteer membership, screening and development.
  • With collaboratively with the ASMs to identify groups with growth potential and engage those groups to open new sections, with a priority on opening new junior sections.
  • With collaboratively with the ASMs to identify communities with growth potential and engage those communities to open new groups, with a priority on opening new junior sections.

Overview of role:

This role will be a member of the Council Service Team. As such the candidate will be expected to represent both their area of responsibility AND the council as a whole when interacting with Membership.

Working in partnership with the Area Support Managers (ASMs), CK3 and other Deputy Council Commissioners, the primary role of the DCYC Growth and Retention is to ensure that the council meets or exceeds its growth goals and to retain those youth already in our programs by providing support to group and working with communities and groups to enlarge Scouting’s footprint in Newfoundland Labrador. 

The DCYC Growth and Retention will be responsible to form and growth and retention team of Scouters and youth and cooperate with Area an group growth efforts.

The DCYC Growth and Retention should also act to fulfill the aims and objectives of Scouts Canada.


The DCYC Growth and Retention will be enthusiastic, committed, and possess a positive attitude with both the time available to fulfill the role and a commitment lead by example.

Specifically the DCYC Growth and Retention should:

  • Be willing to commit 15 – 20 hours per month
  • Maintain a cheerful, energetic, objective and positive attitude towards Scouting and fellow Scouters.
  • Hold Wood Badge Part I for the Canadian Path or Wood Badge 1 with Canadian Path Fundamentals and give a commitment to complete Canadian Path Woodbadge 1 in 3 months. 
  • Committed to develop in-depth experience of Scouts Canada mission, vision, and strategic plan priorities.
  • Committed to be an ambassador and role model of Scouting values and develop an understanding of Scouts and what we stand for.

Has knowledge of:

  • Scouts Canada Services, although this may be acquired after appointment.
  • By-law, Policies & Procedures
  • Scouts Canada’s Mission
  • Services available

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