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The Suncor Energy Fluvarium

February 2015

 Fluvarium Kids Club: Animal Tracks

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The Quidi Vidi/Rennie's River Development Foundation through education, advocacy and stewardship
inspires the protection, conservation and enhancement of freshwater ecosystems. The QVRRDF

operates The Suncor Energy Fluvarium as a public centre of environmental excellence.


Every foot print tells a story ... what stories are being told around the Fluvarium this winter? Help us find out what critters might be hiding in the woods and explore some mysterious tracking stories!


Saturdays & Sundays at 1:30pm
February 1 - 28, 2015 
Program runs approx. 45-60 minutes  

Preregistration is recommended



Register today with Bethany:

754-3474 or 


St. John's Orienteering Club

Attention all Cubs, Scout & Venturer groups!:

The St. John's Orienteering Club would like to invite you to come orienteering this Fall! No experience necessary. Learn map and compass skills and navigate through woods and trails to find control flags.  Orienteering is held most Sundays at 1:30pm rain or shine with short/ medium/ long course options. Maps are $2 each and compasses are provided. Beginners and groups are welcome at every meet.

Don't miss our famous Trick-or-Treat meet October 26th!

Registration and more information at


Ducks Unlimited Canada

This program involves building nest boxes that are then put on trees near wetlands and ponds that are used by cavity nesting ducks like the common goldeneye. The boxes are often put out on the landscape in the winter but can also be put out in the early spring or fall. These artificial nest boxes help increase the amount of nesting places available for ducks and other wildlife and help increase public awareness about wildlife conservation.

Nest box programs also have educational benefits and can help youth develop a number of skills like hands on building, using maps and GPS units and wildlife conservation awareness. From looking at your website it looks like this type of project might support some of the requirements for the Scouts Builder Badge and the Fish and Wildlife Badge. Ducks Unlimited has partnered with Scout groups on nest box projects in the past and would like to explore possibilities for doing so again. We have also done similar projects with Junior Canadian Rangers.

If any Scout groups are interested in taking on a nest box project, Ducks Unlimited currently has some funds available to provide nest box construction materials. We also have some nest box kits available which just require assembly. In the future we may have a supply of nest boxes that have already been fully constructed but we are pretty much out of those right now.

Any Scout groups who would like more information can contact me at (709) 637-3131 or through email (

What is a Duck Box

Duck Box Plan

Canadian Cancer Society: Sun Safety


Salmonier Nature Park

Salmonier Nature Park is launching its Fall & Winter outreach program on October 28th, 2013.  The program includes a wide range of curriculum-linked presentations for schools, as well as presentations for general audiences such as retirement homes, youth groups, etc.  The presentations offered include:
  • “A Closer Look at Wild Animals” (Kindergarten & grade 1)
  • “All About Bears” (grade 2)
  • “Boreal Botany” (grade 3, NEW!)
  • “Adaptations to Habitats” (grade 4)
  • “Species at Risk”  (grades 4-6)
  • “Natural Legacies: Documenting the Diversity of Life” (grade 6)
  • “Effects of Exotic Species on Ecosystems” (grade 7)
  • “Consumptive Wildlife uses and Management Strategies” (Environmental Science 3205; NEW!)
  • “Eastern Coyotes of Newfoundland & Labrador” (grades 4-6 / general audiences; NEW!)
The majority of these programs can be adapted easily for audiences older or younger than the curriculum links noted above.  The presentation on Eastern Coyotes has linkages to the Elementary science curriculum, but is appropriate for all audiences.  It covers the biological and ecological factors that make Eastern Coyotes so successful in our province, while dispelling many myths about them.  It also teaches people how to avoid attracting coyotes to their residences or campsites, and how to behave safely when encountering these fascinating animals.
More information on most of these programs is available at:
Please call 229-7888 to make a booking.
There are no fees associated with these programs, and park staff will travel to deliver them in areas not close to the park.


Wallnuts Climbing Center: Scouts Canada Rates                     

Group rates include a 1.5 hour climb with harness rentals and a short safety demonstration before the climbing starts. We take bookings 7 days a week, before, during, and after hours. You have the option of providing your own belayers or hiring ours. Climbing shoes are optional and can be rented for $5/pair or a flat rate of $25 for the whole group. Some sizes may be limited.

Pricing and availability*

Cost per climber: $11.50

Bookings start at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm or 7pm.

Belayer options:

  1. Belay staff are $25.00 each.
  2. People 12 or older can complete the belay certification for $15.00 each.
  3. If you, or someone you know has been certified at Wallnuts then there is no additional charge for belaying.


  1. You must pre-book a minimum of 48 hours in advance and have at least 8 climbers to be eligible for these rates.
  2. If fewer climbers attend than booked, you are still required to pay for the booked number. This number may be changed up until the day before the booking.
  3. A deposit of $100 is due when you book.
  4. Deposits are non refundable within 30 days of your booking.
  5. If you plan to provide some of your own belayers, they must  do a belay check prior to the booking.
  6. The ratio of belayers to climbers is 1:4. We may recommend more belayers, depending on the type of group.
  7. Registered members of Scouts Canada do not require waivers while attending scouting events. 


* prices subject to tax and may change without notice


Clay Cafe


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