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NL Popcorn Fundraiser

Welcome to the 2015 Newfoundland & Labrador Popcorn Campaign!

As we gear up for another exciting year of Scouting, we know that Scout Popcorn is a proven method to help fund the Scouting experience. Last year popcorn sales across Canada were down. 

BUT Newfoundland & Labrador won the Trails End Popcorn Award


Key Improvements for the 2015 Season

(1)      Groups will now receive 40% of their Gross Sales, an increase of over 10% from previous years!

(2)     Recognition programs have been streamlined to take into account previous feedback from Groups and sellers.  (More details below)

(3)     There is no change in product retail price from 2014. As a result of the declining Canadian dollar, product costs have increased by 8% - this cost has been absorbed by Scouts Canada.

(4)     We will be hosting two kicks-off parties, one on the east coast and one on the west. Details are currently being finalized.

(5)     Payment is now due at the time of order submission. Sadly in the past, Groups and Council have had to absorbed losses associated with non-payment.  Groups will only need to pay the cost of popcorn and not the full 100% of retail when placing the order.  We will be providing deposit slips to make this process as simple as possible.

(6)    Popcorn kits were mailed to Groups province wide earlier this week and should be arriving any day now.



Recognition Changes 

This year we will introduce a two-tiered program with one standard and one optional component that Groups can choose to opt-in or opt-out of.


·        All participant program (standard) will offer recognition in a manner similar to other fundraising campaigns – prize levels have been established at one item, $300, fill a sheet (~$600) and Council/National top seller levels. Promo materials with prize photos to be available next week.


·        Groups will be able to opt-in to a Scout Shop gift card program that sees youth/sellers receive a % of gross sales.  A similar program has been running in Chinook Council(B.C) for many years.  The seller will receive 5% of sales through this program with Groups contributing 4% and Scouts Canada covering 1%.



Scouter Resources Popcorn Website:

Popcorn System:

Staff Support: Jennifer Lewis or 709.722.0931



Important Dates!

November 3 - Groups to have orders confirmed by in Trails End System.

November 4  - Groups to have full payment deposited to Council have orders processed and shipped.

November 5 - Council to deposit full payment to Ottawa.

November 18  - Arrival in Province at distribution company.

November 19 - Warehouse breaks down order into rural areas and ships through  3rd party trucking companies.

November 20- St. John’s area groups pick up popcorn at warehouse.

November 20 – 25 – Popcorn arrives in rural communities for pickup.

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