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My Trip to Scouting Ireland's JamboRí 2018

By Peter Hatcher, 1st MQP

I first heard about (Scouting Ireland’s) JamboRí from a fellow Scouter in New Brunswick. From there I did a little research online and I was hooked.

I registered for the JamboRí in 2017, and the plans were now beginning to take shape. I requested to be part of the JamboRí flag project, where the organizers would ship a JambiRi Flag to you as long as you could get a unique picture of it somewhere. My chosen venue was Cape Spear, so myself and fellow Scouters Heather and Ted Davis took the flag to the most easterly point in North America for a photo op.

In July 2018, I made the trip to Stradbally Hall, which is about 1 hour and 40 minutes west of Dublin.  I was the only person from Mary Queen of Peace Group and the only person from Newfoundland and Labrador to attend this camp, but the Scouting community in Ireland and Europe made me feel as if I had never left home. Scouting is a friendly organization, but the folks in Europe take it to a whole new level.  Their appreciation for me and others that attended as Jamboree Service Team, or JST, members was second to none.

My role for JamboRí 18, was part of the Food Distribution Team. Here we distributed the food to the participants each day for the eight days that we were there. The system these folks had for food distribution was flawless.  The work we did felt more like fun – just the way it should be.  In this role I lucky enough to be able to meet every group that was in attendance for this camp, so a lot of new friendship were formed.

In total there were 3,550 youth, and 750 Adults from 15 different countries in attendance. The organization of this event is something I had never before seen or experienced.  I have attended thre CJ’s but this was my first international experience, and it will not be my last. The folks here certainly know how to organize things and they make the staff and Scouters feel very much appreciated for making this possible for the youth.

Badge trading in Europe isn’t a popular as it is in North America, but Neckerchief trading certainly is. I traded a number of my MQP neckerchiefs for ones from Ireland, England, and Scotland. My spare Canadian Contingent Neckerchief was traded to my work college for his Austrian National Neckerchief. 

This international Jamboree was the best Jamboree that I have ever attended, and it will not be my last. Plans are already started for my next adventure “overseas.”

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