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BackCheck Reference Checks

We are excited to announce that as part of our ongoing commitment to providing great, safe Scouting adventures while making it easier for our volunteers to deliver them, we have extended our partnership with BackCheck to include reference checks for prospective volunteers.

This reference check service will ensure an objective, quality, timely and consistent approach to conducting reference checks with no cost to the volunteer, the Council or the Group. It will also reduce the amount of work required of the Group to complete this key step in the screening process.

How will the process work?

Starting Sept. 1, when a prospective volunteer wants to register with Scouts Canada they will be asked to provide five references with email addresses as the primary method of contact.

Three references are still needed to complete the screening requirement. BackCheck will contact the first three references provided. If these references are not completed within eight days, BackCheck will contact the remaining two. This will help ensure timely completion of the process. The reference types may include employer, volunteer organizations, and those who can attest to an applicant’s character (such as an educator), with a maximum of one family member permissible.

For 2013-2014 Fall Registration, the process for submitting these references differs slightly depending on whether the volunteer has completed self-registration or traditional registration.

Traditional Registration (for volunteers that apply using a paper application form)

  • The volunteer application form that was included as part of the 2013-2014 Recruitment Toolkit had room for only three references. We have created anaddendum you can use to collect the remaining referencesA hard copy of this addendum will be mailed directly to all Group Commissioners and/or Registrars beginning this week.
  • When inputting the references into, Group Commissioners or Group Registrars will be able to enter the first three references per the usual process on the application form. The two additional references can be added on the volunteer’s screening tab. If the last step is not complete and additional references are required, the Help Centre will contact Group Registrars directly to obtain this information.
  • References input into will be sent to BackCheck nightly.
  • The ability to enter five references on the application form will be implemented mid-fall as part of a future enhancement.

Self-Registration (for volunteers that register online)

  • At this time, self-registration through will continue to ask for three references.
  • If after eight days references remain incomplete, the Help Centre will contact the volunteer directly to request more references. The Help Centre will then enter them into and send them to BackCheck for follow-up.

The downloadable digital PDF application form has also been updated to include room for five references.

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