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Program Support to Kick-off the Scouting Year

It’s a new Scouting year – time for those first Scouting meetings, greeting our youth and preparing them and their families for another year full of adventure, new friends and tons of fun.

This time of year is also a great opportunity to engage with parents and get them involved in their child’s Scouting experience; to make them aware of our expectations of our Scouters, of the policies and procedures that guide their interaction with youth and of the roles that parents  can play in creating a solid Scouting year.

We’ve created a guide for parent orientation meetings based on some common best practices drawn from Scouters across the country. It’s been crafted to establish an environment of openness and support with parents by providing them with some important facts  and suggestions to help make sure their children have an awesome Scouting experience.

Please use this tool to help present yourselves at your best, open the lines of communications, and to help Scouting youth and their parents get to know you a bit better. Through this process, we can help parents  understand what it means to be part of the Scouting Movement, help them know where to find support at all levels and encourage them to get involved – all of which add up to delivering great, safe Scouting adventures for their children! 

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